Enviromental issues

The Port of Hafnarfjörður prides itself on continuous efforts to prevent pollution in every possible way.

Icelandic ports operate according to a number of laws and regulations, including those applying to environmental affairs and pollution control.

The laws and regulations on environmental affairs may be accessed on the Environment Agency website, www.ust.is.

The regulations mentioned above cover the various obligations laid on ports on supervising pollution prevention.

Port customers and any others using harbour areas are required to comply in general and in detail with instructions from the port director or other harbour personnel. For example, it is prohibited to sandblast and spraypaint ships at the quayside or to deposit pollutants in the harbour area without consulting the port director.

One of the other requirements is that any waste polluted by oil must be turned in and disposed of in a recognised manner.

The port director shall take any necessary measures to prevent pollution, doing so at the cost and responsibility of the polluter. The main point is that all of the parties interested in the port must work together to prevent pollution in or by the harbour area.